Rupiah Exchange to Dollar Seen to Overshadow JCI Today

Jakarta - The rupiah exchange rate against the United States (US) dollar is seen to overshadow the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) movement on Monday (1/30).

"The strengthening of the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar has provided positive sentiment for the JCI movement," said PT Yugen Bermbuh Sekuritas CEO William Suryawijaya in his research note. 

However, William said that investors should remain aware of the risk of a reasonable correction as long as the JCI has not been able to shift to its nearest consolidation range.

According to him, the JCI has the potential to strengthen in a limited range of 6,754–6,921. Stocks that investors can observe include BBCA, ITMG, JSMR, INDF, BBNI, and PWON.

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