Tan Xuguang: No Blind Matchmaking for Products Afar

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Upon a profound visit to Southeast Asia, Mr. Tan Xuguang, on the afternoon of April 7, presided over the Field Promotion of Shandong Heavy Industry - Weichai Power for Product Export in Southeast Asia in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for disclosing and expounding the products exports and problems of enterprises in the first quarter of 2024, as well as deploying the work and tasks for second quarter in an all-round manner.

Mr. Tan said that, responsiveness is of top priority amid the cruel and fierce global competition! Southeast Asia should and must be the key strategic battlefield for the Group, which makes it imperative to seize market opportunities to achieve substantial growth in the second quarter!

1) Leaders standing in frontline. Any blind matchmaking or commanding away from the front must be avoided!

2) Working in collaboration. We should learn to use the resources of others to create value for ourselves!

3) Designing what is needed. Each market must have its products favored by customers! We must tap and leverage our differentiated advantages to win the market competition!

4) Targeted commercial efforts. We should develop and highlight different policies tailored for different markets and enterprises in line with the world-top standards in pursuit of transformation towards the high-end value chain!

5) Efficient support. The market frontline is the "boss" that we need to follow!

6) Platform upgrading. We should constantly improve our configurations, attendance, products, and service to earn customers!

Each of the 9 regional managers of Southeast Asia for the 5 enterprises under the Group made an export-related report, to which Mr. Tan make detailed analysis and offered pertinent comments and solutions. Also present the Conference, online and offline, were the principal persons in charge of the headquarters and affiliated companies of the Group, relevant business managers, and regional office directors of Southeast Asia.

Source: Weichai Power Co.,Ltd

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