The world’s first contract-based cryptocurrency bank, VRB, has been born, it’s a step closer to the blockchain becoming part of our everyday lives
Published: 28 Jun 2019 16:00 WIB

IMQ, Jakarta —  DETROIT--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- Now, in 2019, blockchains and cryptocurrencies are once again being discussed in public and are no longer just seen on a series of upward moving short-term market charts. In May, Fidelity, the world's largest U.S. asset management company, announced that it has officially moved into blockchain based cryptocurrency trading. In mid-June, Facebook's cryptocurrency project, Libra was announced to the market. At the end of June, VRB, the world's first cryptocurrency bank focusing on digital asset management and value-added services, released its white paper and officially launched worldwide.

Fidelity’s approach is to work on the bottom layer of the blockchain industry, which is mining, and will be looking at the production of digital assets. Meanwhile, Facebook has chosen payments and settlements as its entry point to the market by using Libra to create a digital asset flow. Finally, VRB’s cryptocurrency asset bank has skillfully chosen digital asset management and value-added services to become the safe keeper of encrypted digital assets.

Interrelated but in Different Categories, The Five Major Ecosystem Formats of Banks Dealing Exclusively with Digital Assets

VRB is a brand-new species of bank, which has emerged from the collision of a group of technological geeks specializing in blockchain and the more than 150-year-old Comerica Bank from the USA.

After researching the digital asset financial market, the founding team of VRB has customized five business ecosystems:

•digital asset storage,
•digital asset quantitative transactions,
•digital asset lending,
•digital asset insurance
•digital asset leveraged transactions

With its three core supports, no digital asset holder can lose out when using VRB

VRB uses big data, large amounts of capital and five financial ecosystems as its core support systems.

The large amount of capital creates the underlying foundation and cornerstone of the VRB digital asset bank, while the five major financial ecosystems perfectly meet the real needs of today’s digital asset holders.

1.Digital Asset Storage
2.Digital Asset Loans
3.Quantitative Trading of Digital Assets
4.Digital Asset Insurance
5.Leveraged Trading of Digital Assets

The VRB encrypted bank has now been launched and is supporting the use of mainstream digital assets such as Bitcoin, ETF, USDT, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash and BitCash.

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