Analyst: JCI May Rebound Today

Jakarta - The Jakarta Composite Index on Monday (23/8) has the potential to strengthen within the range of support at 5,975 and resistance at 6,066.

"There is a chance that the JCI will continue its limited gains, referring to the 1.61% increase in the EIDO and the 0.65% increase in the Dow Jones DJIA index, after a 1.77% decline last week," said Director of MNC Asset Management Edwin Sebayang in Jakarta.

However, it is necessary to be wary of falling prices for several commodities, such as tin, oil, coal, and gold, which can pull stock prices below these commodities.

In today's trading, several stocks deserve attention: ISAT, TBIG, SMGR, KLBF, BBTN, EXCL, ACES, AKRA, BBRI, and ESSA.

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